1,120,000 SF  |  402 Beds  |  Santiago, Chile

Located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, Cruz Blanca Hospital is a private facility designed to break the traditional mold of stark, Chilean government hospitals. Cruz Blanca, through its strategic placement of open spaces and plazas around a unique functional arrangement, aims to shape the urban fabric of this growing city, while reflecting the cultural importance of its people and its context.

Collaboration between the design team and owner representatives led to various solutions that became integral to the development of the design.

These solutions included:
- Building aesthetic is a careful composition of organic and geometric forms.
- Utilize building boundaries, pathways, and entry nodes within the urban design to create a cohesive fabric.
- Break the building apart and strategically utilize areas between to create a sense of place.
- House public functions and circulation in one area facing the main
vehicular thoroughfare.

Completed while at CallisonRTKL, Clemente Jaquez served as a Lead Designer.

Design/planning Architect: CallisonRTKL

Architect of Record: MOBIL arquitectos