88,000 SF  |  170 Parking Garage  |  Irving, Texas

The new Irving IT Park will solidify the completion of a two-phase development. This new ground-office office building will add approximately 86,000 sf of leasable and amenity spaces, which will amplify the opportunities and choices for innovative IT and tech entrepreneurs.


The Phase II building is situated upon a very steep terrain that gives way to spectacular inward visibility to the site and outward views towards the city.  The site drops 30ft in elevation from the South East towards the North West part of the site. This presented the opportunity to create a multi-level entry that offers flexibility in building access and tenant flexibility. Incidentally, the use of a multi-level experience also facilitated the need for fire-truck access.


In order to meet municipal requirements for parking, the design incorporates a two-level parking garage below the building. This raises the building above the imminent horizon of the site, and creates a more prominent and visible building. 


The building design address fundamental challenges of function and environmental response. The massing of the building is broken into a North and South composition that allows for transparency to capture views, while mitigating sun conditions to the South. Planning of the building aimed to maximize leas ability, flexibility and views for each tenant by placing all core areas at the center of the building. On level one, this core area opens to the exterior and evolves into an inviting and engaging lobby that also doubles as an amenity café and outdoor plaza.

MODUS architecture served as design architect and architect of record for this development.