Photography by Michael Cagle


15,000 SF  |  Dallas, Texas

Preston I is a 10-story office building with a spacious, two-story Atrium lobby with an existing skylight, and attached retail spaces. 

This renovation effort was undertaken to transform the space as an amenity and new social gathering for tenants, employees and clients.

The goal was to focus the design in such a way that any changes to the existing building and materials achieved the greatest impact. Some of the effective qualities of the new design introduced cost effective materials, clarity of circulation, lighting upgrades and accent finishes to create a strong visual experience. .

Furniture play a key role in transforming the space. The strategic placement of furniture allows for a more interactive and collaborative active environment. The design achieved a palette of simplicity in order to create an open and vibrant social setting.  

Completed while at Hoefer Wysocki, Clemente Jaquez served as Design Architect and Mike MacGregor served as Project Manager & Project Architect.