Photography by Michael Cagle


36,000 SF  |  Allen, Texas

The vision of this project aspires to create a new facility that brings value to the community through its strategic services. At the center of its functions will be a patient centered and family friendly environment that offers valuable connections to outdoors spaces and maximizes day lighting opportunities. The new development will have easy site access and be pedestrian oriented; it will accentuate the creation of a green civic space that will be part of the main entry experience.The new development will be easily accessible, pedestrian oriented, and accentuate a green civic space that heightens the main entry experience.

As an extension of the community, the new building will maximize opportunities for future revenue generation by providing optimized adjacencies among different tenants and establish the effective use of common building services. The new APG building will serve as an anchor to future developments and set a benchmark on quality and value that will continue to enhance the image of the community and the city of Allen.

Completed while at Hoefer Wysocki, Clemente Jaquez served as Lead Design Architect and Mike MacGregor served as Project Architect.