5,500 SF  |  McKinney, Texas

The new design and development for the wheelhouse in McKinney will establish a new high bar for small destination restaurants of unique style and character. The design will enhance the character and image for the project and provide a unique setting for dining in

the project and city.


The site plan takes advantage of the corner position on the larger site and orients the front of the restaurant to the theater and balance of the development. The plan also reorients the patio to the southwestern portion of the building to create a highly visible restaurant front door. The patio is broken into two major exterior dining spaces with each space being defined by a unique focal point and gathering element in the water wall and fireplace. A multi tiered arbor/trellis enhances and articulates the major forms of the building while providing shade in the heat of the summer day.

The proposed pad site and restaurant use at the corner of two major roadways creates a challenging condition that can be leveraged to advantage. The location and massing of the building provides a great opportunity for users and the community to see the restaurant from a distance. The relationship between the restaurant and the major theater use needs to be strengthened to create full development value. Parking and service needs to be redirected and minimized from the entrance and exterior dining experiences.

The project consists of one single story restaurant on a corner pad site in a mixed-use development. The redefinition of the building

entrance and accompanying patio areas are intended to create a visual and physical connection from the restaurant to the main

uses of the larger site. The plan provides for two unique Al-fresco outdoor dining areas highlighted by a water wall and fire place feature. The patios and features create a unique place by utilizing the building to separate the patios from the parking lot.


Completed while at Hoefer Wysocki, Clemente Jaquez served as Lead Design Architect and Mike MacGregor served as Project Manager & Project Architect.