30,000,000 SF 

This new development will become a national destination for entertainment and sports – the impact of such endeavor will shape the economy of the city and positively influence the culture and pride of its citizens. Core program components include almost 2 millions sf of exhibition space, a multi-purpose arena, an entertainment district, office, retail and a flagship hotel.


The approach for this ambitious development aims to expand current program needs into a next generation urban space to better facilitate the growing popularity of the entertainment and sports district within this vibrant city.


The site is situated next to a major highway which allows for convenient access and transportation needs; At first glance, this unique position also becomes an impediment to horizontal expansion and connectivity. A proposed Park platform becomes the core design component the unifies all program needs, allows for connectivity across a major highways, sets the current approach towards ease of expansion and clearly separates a demanding need for parking through the integration of parking decks below plaza level.


The Deck park then becomes the branding component that equally gives way to functionality and a memorable experience that unifies all the varied program components. 4.6 million sf of parking below the plaza level allows for logistics and transportation needs in a convenient and intuitive manner.

The creation of layered plazas and open space establish a clear organizational strategy that reinforce identity, connectivity and a unique environment that demands upmost engagement and flexibility. Preparation for long term growth, a clear network of logistics, improved parking & vehicular access and excellent customer experience will become the hallmarks of this new sports and entertainment district.


Completed while at Hoefer Wysocki, Clemente Jaquez served as Lead Design Architect.