105,000 SF  |  Euless, Texas

The new Medical Center will create a serene and distinctive environment that will cater to the development of a flexible and amenity-driven office environment for practitioners, while advancing the quality of life for local residents and the surrounding community.


The design approach was influenced by its context and the buildings program in order to create a recognizable destination that maximizes commercial lease potential. On the first floor amenities such as a Café, Conference Center and reception desk enhance the lobby and entry experience. The core elements of the buildings were functionally positioned at the center of the building in order to create an intuitive entry experience, while allowing for equidistant access by tenants and visitors. This floor plan approach positions Patients and visitors at the center of activity of the space.


The building form was molded to embrace an entry plaza, which through landscape creates a dynamic and engaging environment that promotes walkability and social interaction. To create such unique experience, the design considered visibility, ease of entry, convenient parking and most importantly an arrival sequence that establishes a pleasant patient experience upon site arrival.

The site design approach aims to break up parking along walkable promenades that lead directly to the core of the building, which also signifies the main entry. Upon arrival by car, visitors are greeted by a park environment, walkable pathways, transparent visibility into building amenities and a canopy that as a functional element to the drop-off area, also becomes the iconic frame of the building form.

00_MOB_Sketch c.JPG

MODUS architecture served as the design architect in collaboration with Hoefer Wysocki who served as the architect of record.