62,000 SF  |  Dallas, Texas

The design approach took into consideration a balance of enclosed, private and public spaces to create an environment that serves all functional aspects of the workplace. 

This new office environment is both a short term and long term investment which aims to expand the brand and working capacity of Hilltop Holdings. Program elements and amenities such as a Break area, Café, Lounge spaces, flexible conferencing, private offices and collaborative spaces are strategically positioned throughout the floor to allow for working flexibility, employee engagement, intuitive way-finding and connections to daylight and views.

Specific design strategies were employed to make this project successful:

  • Maximize Exterior View access

  • Allow for Daylight to permeate into collaborative spaces and open work environments

  • Integrate various seating types to allow for diversity of work environment and employee flexibility.

  • Introduce materials that combine Natural and Synthetic materials in an effort to balance experience and performance

Completed while at Hoefer Wysocki, Mike MacGregor served as Project Manager & Project Coordinator.