15,500 SF  |  Southlake, Texas

MING WANG MISOOK SHOWROOM stays true to the vision of their original founder, which is to design and fabricate distinctive apparel with unparalleled quality and ease of care. The new showroom will create a distinct experience for its customers by creating an environment that is active and engaging.

Influenced by cultural aspects of Feng Shui, the showroom will incorporate modern furnishings, strategic lighting, lounge seating and a dynamic working environment in order to augment the Ming Wang Brand.


Bay windows at the front create an intriguing entryway and allows for an artistic display of clothing. Upon entry, the reception becomes the first impression of the Brand, which gives way to the fact that clothing is carefully crafted and tailored to each customer that walks in. A coffee bar becomes an amenity for customers, where collaboration and discussion flow seamlessly – the coffee bar also doubles as a social gathering point for all people in the space. The office and work space exude energy and collaboration, which allows the brand to permeate not just to the product but also its people. The design approach and implementation is methodically detailed so as to place importance upon the process as an integral aspect of the final product.  

Interior design: BY LEMME

Architect of record: MODUS ARCHITECTURE